Resin bonded abrasives

Abrasive tools with resin bond of electro corundum
and silicon carbide for general and special use*

The organic bonded abrasive tools ( Bakelite ) have a higher pressure strength, than the ceramic bonded and a sufficient elasticity . The high stability of the bond allows the production of abrasive tools suitable for high speed cutting. Characterized by small heat resistance and in comparison with other bonds, it heats to a lesser extent the work piece. The resin soldered has a polishing effect and reduces the roughness of the surface.

Resin bonded abrasive tools are made from normal electro corundum and black silicon carbide and more rarely from white and ruby electro corundum, and green silicon carbide.

The use of alkaline solutions for cooling is not recommended.

*All the products can be made with ZIRCONIUM