Plate of alluminium

Produced by ZAI AD, Berkovitza medium plates for firing of reinforced high speed discs is made by the method of injection under high pressure in special molds. Specialized aluminum alloys are used, as the most preferred, which we are working with is AlSi9Cu2Mg. This alloy provides good flow ability, hardness and good looks of the plates.

After casting, the plates are subject to mechanical treatment and control of quality by performing the following actions:

  • treatment of the outer diameter
  • treatment of the internal diameter
  • 100%control for axial beating and parallelism of surfaces.

We have in production the following types of plates for which we have equipment:

  • Straight plates with raffle on both sides with dimensions: 230×5х22.5; 180x5x22.5 и 135x4x22.5;
  • Flat plates without raffle with dimensions: 135x4x22.5; 115х4х16.2;
  • Plates with depressed center with raffle on both sides with dimensions: 230х6х22.5; 180х6х22.5 и 135х5х22.5

Upon customer’s request with different sizes from those that we have, it is necessary to be manufactured molds for each size.